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Tokimeki Memorial - Only Love -- based on the Konami dating game.
A male transfer student enters a new school that has 'freedom' as its huiding principle. He is a bit confused, but he soon finds out how the school is run! The student council gifts him with a pink cat ear diadem, and sends the whole school a text message that whoever gets those pink nekomimi will get the mail adress of the school idol, the elegant Sayuri. But if Sayuri gets the pink cat ears, our hero will get her mail adress!
It's a 'romantic comedy', and it's certainly funny. Nicely animated too, with some cool character designs.

Shounen Onmyouji -- historical supernatural anime.
The main character is the grandson of the legendary Onmyouji Seimei Abeno, who lived during the Heian period. Onymouji is a mix between Chinese sorcery and the study of natural sciences -- stuff dealing with youkai.
Anyway, Abeno, our young hero, can't see the youkai, which is obviously a severe handicap for someone who is supposed to deal with the youkai on a regular basis. He befriends a youkai that he can see (for some mysterious reason), a white cat-like creature he dubs Mokkun. Abeno gets teased and called out by his grandfather, to defeat a large youkai that has attacked the capital. With the help of Mokkun, Abeno gets the job done -- but that is only the beginning of his training!
Typical shounen fare, but luckily with some 'downtime' in between the action scenes. Pretty decently animated.
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