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Finished series: Kasimashi - Girl meets Girl

We've finished watching Kasimashi - Girl meets Girl. My first episode review is here.

Hazumu is a soft-natured boy who loves plants. He confessed his love to Yasuna (encouraged by his tomboy childhood friend Tomari and his best friend Asuta), but she turned him down. He climbs up the mountain where they first met to have a good cry, but then a spaceship crashes into him! His life is preserved, but he is re-created as a girl...
And so Hazumu continues life as a (rather cute) girl. But instead of this turning into a erololi panty-fest, the series deals with this gender-bending in a surprising mature manner. Sure, there are some awkward moments (the first time Hazumu needs to get dressed for gym class, for instance). But it's only Hazumu's idiot father and Asuta who get the wrong ideas, and that's mostly played for comedic value.

The real story is about the love triangle between Hazumu, Yasuna and Tomari. You see, Yasuna can't make out the faces of males. To her, they are just a grey blur -- she can only distinguish girls. She could distinguish some features from Hazumu's face, but she turned him down out of fear that she one day would not be able to see him anymore. But now that Hazumu is a girl, things have changed!
Tomari, who had protected Hazumu from bullies ever since preschool, finds it hard to see the friendship between the two blossom into something more. She is forced to admit that she likes Hazumu as well, and enters the competition with Yasuna.
However, Hazumu is naturally indecisive, and so this whole situation stews on and on, until of course a crisis occurs and Hazumu has to make her choice -- much to the sadness of everyone involved, really. Tomari picks herself up again, though -- as you know she would.

The characters are well rounded and interesting. The situation is pretty weird (especially when the space alien gets added to the mix), but everyone accepts it as a matter of fact and carries on with their lives. The romantic triangle is, again, dealt with in a surprisingly mature manner.

Good points:
- Great character designs;
- Not perverted in any way, despite the series' premise;
- Good character development.
Bad points:
- Towards the end, Hazumu really needs a kick to the ass. Mixed signals ahoy!

All in all a surprisingly good series. An 8.
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