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Another day, another new anime viewing session!

Asatte no Houkou plays out in a quiet summer town. Shouko just moved to that town, because she wanted to get away from it all. She finds a little girl, Karada, hunched in prayer in front of a little shrine that houses a 'wishing stone' -- and it turns out to be the little sister of the guy who abandoned Shouko four years ago. Pretty awkward.
The next day Shouko tags along to the beach with Hino and Karada and their friends. She finds out that Karada wants to grow up quickly, so that she won't be treated like a kid anymore. Tha evening, Shouko has a fight with both Hino and Karada, and runs away from the town. She stumbles upon Karada praying at the wishing stone again, and then the miracle occurs: Karada wished to grow up, but Shouko wished to be a child once again so that she could start over. Both their wishes are granted, and they find their ages exchanged...
A pretty series with that same lazy summer feel the first part of Zettai Shounen had. And the premise is pretty amusing.

Sasami Magical Girl Club: Sasami can use magic, but she has promised not to use it -- a promise she sometimes breaks...! The new school year starts, and now Sasami and her friends are old enough to join the cooking club -- which has gotten a new advisor in the person of the new infirmary teacher! This teacher manipulates Sasami and one of her friends to fall into an alternate world where they find out they are both capable of using magic! The spiky-haired teacher reveals her plan: the cooking club will be a magical girl club!
Quite a 'genki' series, as is to be expected from something aimed at ten-year old girls. Certainly decently drawn and voiced, but a bit too juvenile for our tastes.
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