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New anime

We've watched two new anime for this season.

First up: Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro na Crescent Love. In the past, there has been a war between Earth and the Kingdom of Sphere on the Moon. Ever since, relations have been... chilly. There is only one city on Earth that has a spaceport with regular flights to the Moon, and it's all done by the UN.
Tatsuya is a high-school student who lives with his older and his younger sister, next to the restaurant of the father of one of his classmates, where he works part-time. His eldest sister works as an aide for the preseident of the UN, and when he gets home from work she has a surprise for him: the princess of the Kingdom of Sphere has come to Earth, and she is staying in their home!
When the princess remarks that she hadn't been to Earth ever since she was a little girl, I knew it was coming. And yes: she and Tatsuya met before, but of course he doesn't remember anything of it... Quite a 'moe' series, with lots of potential girlfriends for Tatsuya.

Next: Kanon 2006. Apparently the collective memory of anime audiences is only four years long, because we've already seen Kanon in 2002. I hadn't told klik what it this new series was, and during the intro she said: "Hmmm, that seems vaguely familiar..." and then she started telling what was the deal with which character.
Sure, this time around there are more episodes to delve deeper into the story, and Kyoto Animation did a pretty good job on the animation -- but the character designs feel dated, and I don't think it'll be as enjoyable as watching the first time. If you haven't seen the 2002 version and you like touching 'moe' stories (such as Air), then this is definately your thing.
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