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New anime

I've been pretty bad with writing first episode reviews of the last season. So this new season I am going to stay on top of things!

First up: D.Gray-Man, a which seems to be a steamgoth anime. The lead is a young boy who has some sort of weird bird-like creature following him, and his left hand is all withered and weird. He is an excorcist, travelling to London in 18XX, to visit the headquarters of the excorcists.
Some guy has been creating 'Akuma' (which is the Japanese word for 'demon'), fusions of machines and human souls. The akuma spread a horrible virus which will kill anyone it touches, and the idea of the creator of the akuma is to wipe out the human race! Luckily, the excorcists are here to save the day!
Visually it's pretty good, even though the akuma and their creator are pretty bizarre. If you like gothic steampunk, this might be worth checking out.

Next: Pumpkin Scissors. The Empire has been in a long, long war with the Republic. Three years ago, a cease fire was signed, and the people of the Empire were left to pick up their lives again amidst the rubble of the war -- not an easy task.
The Pumpkin Scissors is a 'War relief' unit from the army, led by an idealistic lieutenant who doesn't take 'no' for an answer. They arrive at a village that has been terrorised by soldiers-turned-bandits, who have been holed up with their tank at a nearby dam. With the help of a former soldier, they have to defeat the bandits to save the village!
High-quality anime, with (I guess) character animation handled by AIC and CGI by Gonzo. The episode was nicely paced, with the unit arriving in the village, the 'attack' by the bandits and the final action sequences. The small peek into the military bureaucracy promises a plot with lots of intrigue later on.
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