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Sic transit gloria mundi

I remember the time when Peter Norton was a world-class programmer. He made all the must-have tools that made it so much easier to squeeze the last bit of productivity or computing power out of your PC.
The packaging of his products always featured a photo of him: a man with glasses and salt-and-pepper colored hair, wearing a shirt and tie, but no jacket. The sleeves of the shirt were always slightly rolled up. Peter always had his arms crossed and looked sternly at the camera, as if he had just been plucked away from behind his desk where he was writing the next kick-ass utility. As if he was annoyed that these silly marketing people took him out of his flow just because they wanted a picture to use on the box.

Those days are long past. These days, Peter collects modern art, and he kicks ass doing that too.
His place as a programmer has been taken by lesser gods. Today, I downloaded the Norton Removal Tool for my dad. He had installed a trial version of Norton Internet Security 2006, which completely borked up his system. He couldn't connect to the net anymore, so I had to download this thing for him -- obviously packaging uninstall programs with your software is outdated.
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