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Finished series: Magikano

We've finished watching Magikano. My first episode review is here.

Haruo is a rather dull boy (his biggest pride is his perfect attendance record at school...) who has three younger sisters -- all of them magicians. He himself doesn't have any magical powers, so his sisters hide their true nature from him, by using 'magical memory-erasing hammers'...
One day, Ayumi transfers into his school. She is a magician as well, and she is seeking to 'make Haruo a man'. You see, when she was a little girl she was cursed: her magic is slowly waning and when it is completely gone, she will die -- unless Haruo lifts the curse! But before that happens, he will have to gain magical powers first, and rumor has it that that will happen when he 'becomes a man'.

So, Ayumi seeks to do all sorts of perverted things to Haruo, even though she is totally disgusted with his supposed wimpyness. But she has some opposition: Haruo's eldest sister has an... unhealthy obsession with her older brother. And there is the president of the student union who also happens to be a magician, who is infatuated with Haruo (god knows why) and who isn't about to let Ayumi do as she pleases! And then there is the witch hunter who sees an evil witch in Ayumi, who wants to protect Haruo from her schemes!

And so lots of perverted hijinks ensue. Obviously, Haruo is completely oblivious of what is happening (or he is made to forget). Meanwhile, the girls are all shouting insults at eachother at the drop of a hat, and are only a small step away from open hostilities (which do break out once in a while). Add the odd couple of the Occult Club in the mix with their Tell-Sell equipment, and you have a very weird but amusing mix.

The style is quite 'moe' at times with cute girls (and the occasional pantyshot) surrounding Haruo, but the next moment, a magical fight breaks loose with lots of shouting. The visual style reflects this quite nicely, as does the voice acting. (I feel for Ayumi's seiyuu -- she must have had a sore throat by the end of every episode.)
Even though the style is 'nice', it's not really anything special. The series focusses on the comic situations, and there are lots of those. I am not much of a fan of series with lots of shouting and random violence, but Magikano entertained me all through the series.

Good points:
- Funny;
- Decent visuals and voice acting.
Bad points:
- Don't watch this if you can't take ecchi;
- Don't watch this if you can't take random violence.

This series provides unpretentious entertainment, and for that I will give it a 7.
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