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Recoding, part deux

The software I wrote for recoding MKV's extracts the subtitles out of the mkv container, so that these can be fed to the VSFilter plugin of AviSynth. AviSynth then opens the video file with DirectShowSource, which uses the DirectShow codecs to display the video -- basically, if the Windows Media Player can play it, AviSynth's DirectShowSource can frameserve it.

However, I extracted the subtitles into files with the same name as the .mkv, only with the extension .ssa. And funnily enough, that also triggers the VSFilter in the Haali Media Splitter to show the subtitles in that file as well when the .mkv is opened via DirectShow. So I got the subtitles twice.

Funny perhaps, but not 'haha' funny. Luckily, this only happens with the files of one specific group, whose files I download for only one series. I still have to redo six files, though -- four of which I will have to download again...

So, kees_s and ashi, be relieved that you haven't gotten a copy of this beta code yet!
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