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My WTF moment of the day

This morning, on my way to our Amsterdam offices, I turned on the radio -- the CD I was playing (Blur's self-titled album) had been around almost two times (damn those traffic jams!), and I was getting tired of it.
After a bit of fiddling, I found the radio station '100% NL', which prides itself on playing only Dutch productions. Not the 'traditional Dutch fare' such as 'smartlappen', but Bløf, Kane and lots of nederhop. Not too bad, so I left it on.

Then it got to be 08:00, and I was confronted with the eight o'clock NEWSRAP. Some dude rapping the news (serious stuff about the alliance between Venezuela and the UK, stuff like that), all in rhyme with some hiphop-beat playing underneath it. WTF!?
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