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Recoding fansubs

Since the MACH F's CPU is not equipped for (realtime) decoding H.264 and/or AAC, there is a host of fansubs I can't really watch on my dedicated media player machine. I have written before about this.

Obviously, this will simply not do.

So I have taken to recoding .mkv and .mp4-fansubs into plain vanilla XviD's with MP3 soundtrack. On our TV there is no discernable drop in quality, and often the files are even smaller in XviD too.

But it's a lot of work, what with finding out which tracks to extract, extracting and converting subtitle and audio tracks, etc. So I wrote a program that does this for me. It processes all .mkv and .mp4 files, calls auxillary programs for file info, tract extraction and track conversion, and results in a nice jobs-file for VirtualDub. All I have to do is to copy it, and let VirtualDub do its magic!

I love being able to tie several things together to make my life easier. As they say in the world of Perl programmers: laziness is a virtue.
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