Hein (fub) wrote,

Our sunday

We had forgotten to prepare the bread-baking machine, so we resorted to making a Japanese breakfast...

Take a cup of Japanese rice, rinse it and steam it for 45 minutes in a cup of water. When the rice is still warm, stir in some vinegar powder. Bake two eggs and fry four slices of ham. Chop some cabbage (paksoi or chinese cabbage works best) and steam that for 10 minutes. Make two bowls of miso soup (we use instant miso soup). Take one tin of tuna, drain, and add some mayonaise. Serve with four leafs of nori.

Then Jan called, and he came over to test out a new game we bought yesterday: Kurier des Zaren. It's a fun game about a delivery of an urgent message to the Czar. The road to the palace runs through four villages, with inns in each village. There are four types of couriers, and only one of each type can stay at an inn, with a maximum of three couriers. You have to pass you message from courier to courier to get it to the palace. Quite a bit of strategy involved. At the end, there's an endgame where luck is a big factor. I won the first game.
Next, we tried a rules variant posted on the Winning Moves website, which reduces the luck factor and makes it a more strategic game. I liked that variant better, even though klik won. ;)

For dinner, we had my special beef with green cheese sauce!
Cut a piece of steak in thin, long slices. Fry on high heat in a baking pan, and add finely chopped mushrooms (tree-oyster, champignon and shiitake). Stir-fry until everything is done. Then add 100 grammes of chopped blue cheese (Danablu, for instance), and stir until the cheese has melted. If you want to drown the beef and mushrooms in sauce, you could add a tin of creme fraiche. It'll make the sauce less pungent.
Serve with baked potatoes, vegetables (peas, carrots and haricots verts go well with it) and a salad.

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