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Copy "protections"

A few months ago, we bought a 300GB harddisk with the idea to put all our music on there -- we've been playing more MP3s than CDs lately, just because it's so much more convenient. I had originally planned to put this disk in a separate server.
Last wednesday, I just installed the disk in klik's machine. Her machine has the speaker set, so we have to turn that machine on if we want to listen to music anyway.

We've been ripping our CD collection to this disk ever since. Our collection isn't overly big, but it is taking an awful lot of time, even when we're ripping with two machines at a time.

When it was the turn of Moby's new CD 'Hotel', I noticed that it had a small sticker saying that it was 'copy protected'. I didn't know what to expect, so I left this CD as last in that particular stack.
I popped it in my DVD-Burner (an old Plextor 8-speed), and CDex just read all the tracks and even found the track information in the CDDB. After pressing F9, all tracks were ripped to our new disk as if nothing had happened.

It turns out that simply disabling autorun will turn off this so-called 'copy protection'. I urge everyone to turn off autorun as a matter of principle (do you really want to run any executable that is on any disc that you put in your machine...?), but it has the added bonus that it will 'defeat' this so-called 'copy protection'.

I guess we're lucky that the people who design these things are so completely clueless.
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