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Finished series: Meine Liebe Wieder

We've finished watching Meine Liebe Wieder.

Basically, it is a continuation of Meine Liebe, with the same cast. There is little to tell about ...Wieder that I haven't said in my review of the first series with respect to the characters. There are some new characters introduced, such as the new headmaster who is on an egalitarian trip, and some non-noble Strahl candidates.

There is some plot this time around as well. You see, the old headmaster has dissapeared, and the new headmaster instates a meritocracy: regardless of your lineage, if you are smart enough you can get into the Strahl! Obviously this sets tempers flaring: smart non-nobles want in on that sweet Strahl-action, while the current crop of Strahl drop into a 'bring it on!'-stance. All this is too hard on poor little Camus' nerves, though. In the end, they all manage to become Strahl candidates, and they 'befriend' the non-nobles.

Beruze is back, and this time he is acting on orders of Isaac's superiors, so Isaac has to assist him! Ludwig is playing the role of lone wolf, and when he is charged with treason, the crew helps him escape. Beruze has some tricks up his sleeve, but he didn't count on the Strahl Candidates!

The animation budget seems a tad higher than it was the first time around, but for the rest it is all the same: animation, music, voice acting.

If you liked Meine Liebe, you will like Meine Liebe Wieder. It is sufficiently different from the first series to not get bored, but the foundations of the series is the same. I'll give this one a 6.5 as well.
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