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I am a work of art

Today, we became part of a work of art.

Ten minutes of sitting in a room with only a video camera to keep you company. Apparently this is very confrontational for a lot of people. Perhaps we are weird in that we have some sort of inner peace or something -- those ten minutes had gone by faster than I thought.

After the taping, we chatted with the artist a bit. She has some pretty cool ideas.

In the museum shop, I saw this shirt. Sadly, the sizes don't go above XL, which is too small for me. The shop lady told me that it was a work of art and that I shouldn't wear it -- but I buy shirts to wear them. Limited editions mean nothing to me. If art is combined with an everyday object, it needs to be used so that your day is infused with it.

Too bad, no shirt for me. I'll live.
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