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Finished series: Petopeto-san

We've finished watching Petopeto-san. My first episode review is here.

A Petopeto is a 'monster' (a youkai) that exists to ensnare men. If the Petopeto touches something that she thinks is adorable, she is stuck to it, until after a nap... A petopeto slowly fades away, unless she bears children.

Hatoko is such a petopeto. She tries to live as a normal middle school student, just like her classmates -- some of whom are also 'monsters', such as kappa. One day, during swimming class, she slips and her classmate Shingo grabs her hand to (unsuccesfully) try to keep her from falling in the pool -- and they are stuck together... The series follows Hatoko and Shingo and several of their friends (most notably the kappa sisters Sahara [which is a joke in itself: why are water-imps named after a desert...?]).

The series lacks in narrative thrust. There are some 'plot'-elements that are unannounced, unrealistic (with 'realistic' within the framework of the series, of course), and don't do anything to further the plot. There is the day when Petoko is chief of police (why? how?), or the whole amusement park thing. You are watching the characters do something, all the while wondering why.
In short, the series could have been half as long and still reach the same conclusion -- the rest is filler that we could have done without. At least the series didn't turn into a harem anime, even though it looked like it would do so a few episodes into the series.

The animation quality is so-so. It's certainly not ugly, but it's not top-notch either. Backgrounds are static and not very detailed, and the character designs aren't anything special either.
The music didn't strike us as anything special either, though the opening and especially the ending theme are quite distinct and certainly not too bad.

Good things:
- Interesting premisse;
- Not a harem anime.
Bad things:
- Lack of narrative thrust.

It's hard to find good and bad things about this series, because it is mediocre in almost every aspect. A 6.
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