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New anime

We are nigh unstoppable! Again we have seen the first episodes of new anime!

First was Shingetsutan Tsukihime. The main character, Shiki, had an accident when he was young. Now he is a highschool student, but he is still sickly. He has frequent blackouts. He has lived away from his family ever since the accident, but when his father dies, his sister asks him to come back to his family's mansion. There he is greeted by his stern older sister (curfew at 19:00!) and a pair of maids who obey their mistress completely.
Apparently there's a serial killer on the loose, and when Shiki has another one of his blackouts, he dreams of killing a woman, but when he wakes up, nobody had heard or seen anything.
Tsukihimi is definately creepy, like Boogiepop Phantom or the early episodes of Serial Experiments Lain. There are long shots of people looking over their shoulder at Shiki, there are scenes with blood spattering everywhere... Pretty hefty stuff, and well-drawn to boot. Really interesting to see how this will develop!

Next, we checked out Bouken Yuuki Pluster World. The peaceful Pluster World, inhabited by cute little creatures (we see one based on a beetle and one based on (I assume) a brontosaurus), is under attack by the evil Minusters. We see lots of cuddly brontosauri harvesting something that only be described as plant sperm, when they get attacked by a giant zippo! Our hero beetle battles a bit with this monster, but then gets sucked into a portal (seems like a wormhole) linking the Human world and Pluster world!
There he meets a young boy, and he takes him back to Pluster World, where they merge ("Pluster ON!", which is the cue for lots of stock footage) and proceed to beat up the walking Zippo until the Minuster is kicked away from the lighter, and peace is once again restored.
It's like a cross between Pokemon and Figure 17. I won't be collecting this series, it's not really interesting and probably rather repetitive, this being a kid's show and all.

Service announcement: If any of you want to check these anime out for yourself, give me a holler and we'll arrange something.

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