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Our mission to see the first episodes of all new animes of this new season continues without pause. This morning, we've seen three new animes.

First up was Cromartie, a school-series with a twist... You see, Cromartie Highschool is a school for juvenile delinquents! The classes are filled with tough guys who brag to eachother about how many people they beat up during their middle school days.
It sounds really bad (kind of like Ikkitousen, but then without the girls), but actually it was much fun. We follow a quiet guy (Kamiyama), who starts his highschool carreer amongst this collection of punks. There's someone who claims to be tough, but has never fought (because he looked too intimidating, everyone just ran away), there's a blad guy with a single purple quiff that is always in motion, there's a bad-ass robot and even a middle-aged guy who looks like Freddy Mercury!
Think Azumanga Daioh, but then with the cute girls replaced by ugly tough guys, and a tad more bizarre, and you're getting close. I really had to laugh at this one -- a keeper.

Next was Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. This is a slow-moving high-school romance series. Main character is a guy called Takayuki, who sort of flows through highschool without putting any real effort in. He sort of envies his friends Shinji (who studies hard to get into the university of his choice) and Mizuki (who is the star of the school swimming team), because they have a clear goal in their life.
Then one day, Haruka, a friend of Mizuki's, confesses her love to Takayuki. He agrees to go out with her, but during their dates he doesn't seem too enthusiastic about it all. Then Haruka calls him to ask him whether he really likes her...
Pretty standard romantic anime fare. Like it a lot. ;)

Finally, we checked out PlanetES. This plays out in the year 2075, where commercial space flight is an every-day occurrence. We get introduced to a young girl who starts work at a company that's stationed in Earth orbit. Because of her so-so performance on the tests, she gets assigned to the division with the least prestige: the Debris division, which exists to clear all sorts of junk from Earth orbit.
The division consists of a rag-tag group of misfits who don't seem to care about proper protocol, much to the dismay of the newly recruited member of the crew. And... they have to wear diapers as well, while on the job in space... In the first episode, we see the crew disposing of a commemative plaque that is on a collision course with a military sattelite, with the associated moral ramblings of the rookie.
It was fun to see 'gritty' science fiction: not the clean halls of the Enterprise, but a dirty office in the bottom of a space station. It's pretty interesting to see how it will develop.

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