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I've falled behind on the new anime review front, so this is to catch up!

NIGHT HEAD GENESIS: Two ESPer brothers are kept inside some sort of compound by Shinto magics. Lab-coated people take care of them (even though they seemed scared). Fifteen years later, the brothers have grown up into bishounen, and when the warden of the barrier dies, they can escape into the wide world!
It didn't interest me all that much, and it didn't look that good either.

Project Blue Chikyuu SOS: A new type of propulsion is devised, the G-reactive drive. But everything that is powered by that new drive mysteriously dissapears... It turns out that aliens have been preparing their invasion of the Earth, and only two boy geniusses and a handful of scientists can save the planet!
A series with an excellent retro-futuristic style -- quite a bit of Thunderbirds feel going on. Good animation as well. Very amusing.

Innocent Venus: 'Hyper Hurricanes' have killed the majority of Earth's population. By using the 'powered assist'-technology, the Japanese have created a special economic zone where people have recovered from the disasters. But the have-nots outside of that zone want some of that wealth as well, with rebellion as a result. Mecha-powered soldiers hunt for a girl who is taken in by the resistance...
Character animation is dreadful, and the series is quite brutal. Blood sprays everywhere during the many fights. And it isn't even interesting!

Chevalier: The sister of one of the members of Louis VX secret police is murdered. During the investigation, they find out that not all is as it seems in the court of the French king, just before the revolution... Unholy rites, zombies and murder, with quite a few connections to the royal family...
Even though it's a Production IG series, the quality is quite mediocre. The story could get interesting though.

Chocotto Sister: Haruma gets his christmas present: a sister! She does have an instruction booklet on what to do as a sister, but she lacks common sense, which gets Haruma in all sorts of small-time trouble.
Mediocre artwork, but perfectly suited for the lolicons with a sister complex.

Welcome to the NHK!: Sato is a hikimori who dropped out of college. With so much time on his hands, he starts to fantasise that the NHK (a Japanese television station) is to blame: they broadcast all those anime so that young men don't want to interact socially anymore! But then he meets a girl who tells him that she chose him for her project...
The trippy visuals are really, really nice, and Sato's internal monologue/rants are amusing. One to watch!

Kirarin Revolution: Kirari, a gluttonous highschool girl meets one half of the popular idol group SHIPS, without realising who he is. She falls in love with him and decides to become an idol herself so that they can be together!
Same old, same old. Kirari is probably voiced by someone who wants to become an idol herself, but who is sadly lacking any voice acting talent. The series is probably aimed to kids about a quarter my age.

Tonagura!: After ten years, Kazuki's neighbour Yuji will be once again living next door. She fantasises about what a handsome guy he will have turned into to -- only to find out that he has turned into a pervert!
So, once again, pantyshots and random violence agains the male main character -- but this time deserved. Still, not that interesting.

Honey x Honey Drops: Some prestigious school has a class full of rich guys who choose one of their underclassmen as they 'Honey'. Basically, the master 'owns' the Honey until he graduates -- it is the task of the Honey to see them through it. In return, the Honey doesn't have to pay any tuition. Yuzuru is chosen as Kai's Honey, a fact he misuses to manipulate her.
We found this to be very, very distateful. We watched only some ten minutes of it, and then turned it off.

Binbou Shimai Monogatari: Two sisters live together. Their life is tough, but they manage somehow with the money Kyo earns on her paper rounds while Asu tends the house. Their father ran of, leaving a huge gambling debt, and their mother has died. The sisters have only each other, but it'll all work out...
Lots of tear-jerking, as the sisters realise how they hurt the feelings of the other sister, and how much they love each other. Pretty decently animated, though.
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