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Saturday, we went to the Zoo in Overloon with exar, shashada, jangerben and his girlfriend. Even though the zoo doesn't focus on large animals like tigers and elephants, it is still a very enjoyable zoo. They display a lot of animals that are otherwise forgotten, but not less interesting.
It is a real park that has been cleverly designed. There is not a single spot where you can overview the whole zoo. Instead, you follow a winding path in between hedges, that gives you a peek in the pens. Sometimes, you even walk in a field where the animals roam freely -- which is quite an interesting experience.
In the morning, the weather seemed reasonable, but later on the sun came out in full force -- so we both got a sunburn...

Sunday, we went to visit babarage, to stroll down the largest carnival in Europe (which is held only a few streets away from her house). A pity about busses and the weather, but that was fun as well. In the end, we didn't get to play the game we had planned to play, because there were no free spots while we were waiting there, and it was getting cold... (Though I think I could make a game like that, with a few IR LEDs and IR receivers...)

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