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I am recovering from a bit of a summer flu. This past weekend it was at its peak, which (I fear) made me a bit of an anti-social guest at gertvr and xaviar_nl's saturday. I'm sorry guys, I didn't feel too well.

But then again, I'm not even sure they noticed. I had borrowed an extra Guitar Hero controller from my colleague P., and I had taken the PS2 along as well. A non-stop session of rocking out was the result -- even babarage who had threatened to boycott the game.
When everyone was tired from rocking out, I got one controller and was instructed to 'show us how it's done'. I had planned to show that 'medium' was still hard for me -- I hadn't finished 'Howling at the moon' -- but then I accidentally finished the song and finished the game in medium setting! I think I was more surprised than anyone else present.

Yesterday, kees_s came by to exchange some physical goods, see our house, have dinner and to see the traditional fireworks. His description of the fireworks is here.
Apparently, two people died en route on the first day of the four days marches. 48.000 people, and towards the end of the route (30km is the minimum, and that's only if you're elderly!) people started to faint in droves. The organisation has decided to cancel the rest of the marches, due to the increasingly hot weather -- a tough decision (the first time in 90 that the marches would be cancelled!), but I think a wise one.
The cancellation had already been announced by the time we reached the city center, but it was only this morning that I heard the news on the radio. The festivities haven't been cancelled, and I guess that will give a very odd atmosphere to the whole deal.
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