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Parents and Computers

My mom is doing a course to learn to use computers. Obviously, I get called every once in a while to help her with setting up/configuring the programs she uses. Sometimes I can walk her through ticking a checkbox, but often she fails to convey what is happening on the screen and/or I fail to understand what she sees happening... Perhaps I should configure her machine for remote assistance because that would allow me to, uh, assist her remotely. :)

I made her an email-adress as well, so now once in a while I get an email from her, which is a lot of fun!

She asked for the URLs to my and klik's Journal -- I now realise that we post quite a bit of interesting stuff under friendslock, so we might want to make her an account here. paultje has one too, simply to be able to keep up to date with us.
Tags: family, technology

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