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The new season has started, which means new series are being fansubbed!

Honey & Clover II is a direct sequel to the first Honey & Clover series (which I have reviewd here). The first episode is nothing but a recap episode, so I can't say much about the content of the actual series. I am hoping for some kind of resolution to the plot ends that have been left dangling from the first series.

Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z is the Japanese version of the well-known PPG that has been shown on Cartoon Networks for many years. The original PPG's were a parody of the Japanese mahou shoujo series, and if you look at what the Japanese made of it, it is clear they did not get the joke.
The character designs have been 'upgraded' and animefied, and the three girls are now junior highschool students instead of super-powered kindergarteners. The plots are inane and random and there is tons of stock footage. The original charm of the PPGs is gone.
The only good thing about this series is the kick-ass music that plays during the episodes.

Fairy Musketeer Akazukin tells the story of a boy who has lost his mother. His most clear memory of her is how she tells him a fairy tale of how God split the world in two: one with magic and one with science. He has dreams of being chased by big spider-like monsters, and of course it turns out that he is 'the key' for the passage between the two worlds. Unsavoury types are after him (including spider-like monsters, obviously), but luckily he is saved by a musketeer from the fairy-tale world: little red riding hood (or 'Akazukin' as she is called in Japanese).
It's cute, but I fear that it may be no more than a marketing vehicle for a card game and/or computer game -- we'll decide when we've seen the second episode (which features snow white as a fairy musketeer!).

Coyote Ragtime Show is an edgy SF action show. A mysterious criminal, called 'Mister', is incarcerated somewhere on a far-away planet. Fearing that he will try to escape, an investigator is sent to the prison in order to suss out who 'Mister' is, and to stop his jailbreak. Obviously, the people who want to spring him are no amateurs, and we get an amusing episode full of high-speed action with crosses and double-crosses. Add in the twelve android assassin lolis, and the chaos is complete.
Great action, great designs, highly amusing. And the twist at the end of the episode is quite something!

Muteki Kanban Musume is the story of Miki, who helps her mother in the ramen restaurant. She is a loud-mouth, can't stand injustice and is violent. He mother is merely violent, and tends to beat Miki up for the stupid things she does. Miki is supposed to be a 'poster girl' (Kanban Musume) for the shop, but more often than not, she actually damages the reputation of the store. Her rivalry with the poster girl of the bakery shop is legendary...
Completely random and violent plots. People beating eachother senseless. Lots of shouting and super-deformed, angry faces. Certainly hard to describe -- anything I can write here won't do it justice.

Tsuyokiss will probably turn into a harem anime -- but you wouldn't say so from the first episode. Konoe Sunao is a transfer student, and she loves stage plays. However, her new school doesn't have a drama club, and the 'princess' who runs the student council isn't about to let her establish one -- unless Konoe can show her that drama is fun and a noble activity! Obviously, things don't work out quite as intended. However, Konoe does meet Tsushima Leo, whom she met years before on-stage...
It's pretty 'energetic', but it remains to be seen if it can keep our interest.

Zero no Tsukaima is set in some sort of Harry Potter-like magic academy for nobles in an alternate world. The main character is second-year student Louise, who is nicknamed 'Zero Louise' by her classmates, since she never manages to get a spell right -- often with explosions as the result. When it is time for the second year students to summon their familiars, Louise is last... Her spell succeeds, but instead of a dragon or something mythical, she summons high school student Hiraga Saito from our world as her familiar! Obviously, Saito isn't too thrilled about having to serve his new mistress, and he looks for a way to get out!
The animation is really good, and the premise has lots of potential for cuteness and comedy.

Hime-sama Goyojin is about a high-school girl who accidentally gains possession of a crown. She is subsequently being chased by the real princess and by the thieves who want to steal the crown.
That's pretty much the plot of the first episode, but they manage to pad it out to 25 minutes by adding lots and lots and lots of random stuff happening. If you have the attention span of a four-year old on a sugar high, then maybe the fast changes and random stuff will keep your attention glued to the screen, but I got tired of it pretty quickly. It's pretty decently animated, though.
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