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I pwn technology

Yesterday, our TV died.

So it is time for a new one. We have been pretty content with our 4:3 70cm stereo TV, and frankly, I don't want anything else. Widescreen is fugly, and the really large TVs have to conduct some trickery to fake the pixels that just aren't there in the PAL signal.
I don't want a 'HD ready' TV either. The whole HD thing is still in its infancy, protocols and specifications haven't been set in stone yet. Sure, HD is beautiful, but I don't have any HD content anyway. And how many people have bought a 'HD ready' TV without HDMI? I'll buy one in five years, when HD content is common and the technology has matured -- I'm not going to spend hundreds of euros for a device that I may or may not be able to utilise to its full effect in the future.

The TV I want is a curious beast -- too big to fit in the bedroom (where a lot of 'secondary TVs' end up, and surely you're not going to buy an expensive widescreen LCD TV just to watch a soap in bed?), but not 'advanced' enough to compete with the LCD widescreens.
I had found a TV I would want (a Philips that gets high marks -- our 'old' TV was a Philips as well), but it wasn't in stock -- and we would have to wait until the 20th to get it... And the JVCs they had, wasn't in stock either, and they got low marks for the speakers...
So no TV for us right away. Tomorrow we'll conduct an expedition to the city centre.

However, that doesn't mean all is lost. Remember, the MACH F is a computer! So I got klik's old 17" CRT monitor from the attic, hooked up her 2.1 speaker set, and we could continue watching! Sure, not as big as we were used to (which was a bit of a pain with stuff that's subtitled really small), but at least it all works.

Sometimes it's a bit of a pain that the MACH F is less of an 'appliance' and more of a PC, but sometimes it all works out beautifully.
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