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Movies we've seen recently

Some movies we've recently seen:

The Chronicles of Narnia (or at least the first chapter thereof): didn't like it that much. Perhaps the knowledge that this is thinly veiled propaganda for christianity put me off of it, I don't know. It's not grand in the Lord of the Rings-way, and it felt like it was all rather thrown together.
Perhaps my main complaint about it is that the main characters (the kids) are not the heroes of the movie. JesusAslan sacrifices himself, and that solves all of their problems. They're merely pawns in the great game, and that's basically it.
Other than that, there's little wrong with this movie: the sets, special effects and all that is quite decent.

Kaena: The Prophecy reminded me strongly of Larry Niven's Itegral Trees. A tribe of human-like creatures lives in a large tree that sort of 'floats'. The people harvest the sap of the tree, which they offer to their gods (under the guidance of a grovelling and dishonest priest). One of them, a girl named Kaena, wants to see what's out there and rebels against the social order.
It's a pretty nice movie, done completely in CGI. The story is rather confused and 'convenient' (because you know, Kaena is actually an Omen Child!), but it is an amusing way to spend 90 minutes. And I heartily approve of the anti-religious undertones. :)

Floris is a movie made of a Dutch TV series in the 60's, starring Rutger Hauer. The 2004 movie is cheesy beyond belief, probably just as cheesy as the TV series was.
There is a lot of stuff in that movie that will probably go way over the heads of the kids who watch it, but will bring great amusement to the adults watching it with them. Some of those include some genuine WTF moments, such as Van Rossum jr's SM dominatrix personal guard (with stiletto heels!), the Duchess of Gelre distributing 'kerstpakketten', and Bastiaan Ragas dressed like Marilyn Monroe singing the Dutch version of 'Happy birthday' to the Duchess...
Probably a hilarious movie when you're roaring drunk and/or stoned.

Aeon Flux, based on the MTV animated series. As usual, rabid fanboys of the original axed this movie because it wasn't just like the animation. Yes indeed, it is not, and for a movie, that is actually a good thing. There are quite a few winks and nudges to fans of the original: at the very start of the movie, Aeon catches a fly with her eyelashes...
The animated series had a very high WTF-factor, especially the shorts. And that was entirely intentional, and it works in there -- but it would never work for a movie. So the movie moves away a bit from the original series and has an actual plot. A pretty neat plot too.
The sets are gorgeous, the choreography is excellent and the plot actually makes sense. I liked this movie a lot, but then again, I have the whole animated series on DVD, so I know my way around a bit in the world of Aeon Flux.
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