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Finished series: Suzuka

We've finished watching Suzuka. My first episode review is here.

Yamato starts living in the apartment building of his aunt. His neighbour turns out to be Suzuka, a talented high jumper, whom he saw practicing en route. He is completely smitten with her, but the feelings aren't mutual.
The whole thing turns into a mess: Yamato joins the track & field team at school in order to be closer to her, but she is suspicious of his motives. Yamato confesses, Suzuka rebukes him, Honoka falls in love with Yamato, they become a couple, but Yamato can't forget Suzuka, they break up, he gets rejected again, etc etc.

Yamato is a blockhead -- he spends most of the series completely clueless as what to do ('I don't understand!"). Suzuka is a bitch who is dishonest about her feelings and takes it out on poor Yamato.
Almost every episode, your hands itch because you want to slap some sense into them. Honoka is the only one who seems remotely grown up and mature about things, but alas, her dreams will ultimately not come true...

The series doesn't have many redeeming features. The artwork is pretty basic, the music is unremarkable and the voice acting isn't stellar either. The sports plotlines don't stand on themselves either: it only serves as a way for Suzuka to bitch about Yamato.

If it's the only thing available, you could watch it -- but there is so much better stuff out there. A 5.
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