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Shopping for phones

So, I want an iMode-telephone. KPN has a really cheap 'internet on your mobile' plan, which is lots and lots cheaper than all the other offerings (as in: 20 euros less per month, and the phones are free at that price!) Sure, it's not the whole of the internet (you have to use cHTML, a subset of HTML), but it works.

So yesterday we walked into the local KPN shop and asked about the phones. There were some competing models, some having more features than others. Enough choice there. The salesman asked why I wanted iMode, so I told him I am working on a webshop and that I want to be able to check up on orders via my phone. I also told him that I knew what goes into making an iMode-site, because I built the Volkskrant iMode site.
He nearly flipped out. Apparently he had never realised that someone has to make these sites before you're able to watch them on a phone.

He also asked me if I cared about soccer. Because if I did, they had a subscription plan that included a year's worth of free access to the Voetbal International iMode site. I dismissed this -- I don't have any interest in soccer, but if I wanted to read that site, I can do it at work, because guess what? Yes, we made the VI iMode site as well. :)

So now I have to find out how quickly I can get rid of my Vodafone plan, and set the wheels in motion.
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