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How couples surf

imomus was writing an article for Wired about the surfing habits of "information couples", and he asked people what their habits are in this respect.

I think we fit the bill pretty well. I spend lots and lots of time behind the screen (both my work and almost all of my hobbies make use of a computer), and klik is slightly less bad but is getting there.
The best decision we made with respect to our flat (where we lived before we bought the house) was that the computer(s) had to find a place in the living room -- this enabled us to spend lots of time in the same room: me behind my computer, klik in front of the TV. I don't know if our relationship would have been as strong as it is today without that -- the constant possibility to communicate with your partner is important to us.

When we were looking to buy a house, we expressly stated the possibility of computers in the living room as a requirement. Sure, it gets messy (stuff tends to accumulate around/on/beneath my desk), but the benefits are much more important. We did dismiss some houses because the inability to fit both a sitting arrangement and a computer desk in the living room.
Which is why our current house is ideal: we can close the sliding doors to hide the computers from view, but if we open the doors we have a single large space.

Our desks are at the font of the house, next to each other. This makes it easy to communicate when we are both at work on our computer. We use MSN to pass URLs to interesting stuff to each other. We don't do 'cute' things like mail or chat via the internet when we are a mere meter apart.

My computer (and to a slightly lesser extent, the internet) is a very large part of my life. More so than klik's, but I think she rarely feels like an 'information widow'. I had to learn that some things are less important than others, and I try to be attentative to her needs and/or words (though I have to admit that I sometimes fail at that, especially when engrossed in something).
We both have permanent LJ accounts, so I think in the end it neatly evens out.
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