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klik's present for my birthday was a batch of Ghibli DVDs. Of course, we ordered these online -- but what with transit times and customs, it took quite a few weeks for everything to get here.

The note from the mailman stated that I had to pay some 25 euros (the VAT), and that I had to sign for receipt. And, unlike usual, they had sent the package to a small post office relatively close to where we live, instead of the larger post office which is close to where I work -- I found this out when I was already in line at the larger post office, of course...
Anyway, yesterday evening I went there to collect my package. The girl behnd the counter was friendly, but not very experienced... I gave her my note, she found the package, and then wished me a good evening.

Never mind that the package had a large document holder stuck to it with a payment slip, or that the note said that I had to pay the customs fee.

I didn't pay, and I didn't sign, and yet still I walked out of there with my DVDs. I just hope that they don't take it out of the paycheck of that friendly girl!

Also, we just noticed that Whisper of the Heart is set in the very suburb that the raccoons in Pom Poko try to sabotage. Funny, that.

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