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Running while playing

Now that I don't have to count my steps anymore (having mentally sliced up the lap around the pond into five roughly 200m-sized potions), I thought I might as well have something fun to do during the running time.
So yesterday I set out to acquire an MP3 player. I had decided on a Creative Muvo TX, but the local Dixons was closed for renovations. So I wandered over to the Kijkshop, and decided on a Lenco Xemio 314 instead. It, too, has 1GB of flash memory, is small enough to fit in the keypocket of my running shorts, and has features similar to the Creative.

When I got home with my purchase, klik pointed out to me that there was no protective cellophane on the display, that the player had been scratched in some places and that the chord was a bit grimy. Also, while the box had been taped shut with adhesive tape at some point in its existence, it had since been cut through to allow access to the interior.
In other words, this was not a new unit.

This afternoon, I went to the Kijkshop again to complain. I showed the player to the lady behind the counter, and she immediately agreed with my assessment that I was given a not-new player. I didn't even have to show the receipt, she immediately went and got me a new unit. She apologised for the inconvenience caused by this mix-up, and I was on my merry way again.

I certainly hadn't expected such gracious service of a large, faceless corporation as the Kijkshop, but I am very pleased with how things went.
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