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C25K, week 2 has started!

Saturday, I did an extra day of the week 1 workout. Yesterday, the second week started.

Now, mind you, the first week is an interval training: run 200m, walk 200m, run 200m, walk 200m, etc., for two kilometers. But the second week is a gigantic step up from that: run 400m, walk 200m, run 800m, walk 400m, run 400m, walk 200m, run 800m! Suddenly, you have to run almost 2.5 times what you did before!

I almost crashed after the first stretch of 800m run. I managed to squeeze out the second 400m run, but there was no way I could have done the second stretch of 800m. My legs were all cramping up and shaking, and they are (still) OMG sore!

I didn't go running today (I need to recover!), and tomorrow I'll take it easy and slowly. I'm fully willing to do the second week twice, if it means I can still walk around afterwards...
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