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Recruitment stupidity

So, I have an account over at Hyves -- some sort of networking site, except painfully slow. I had my account for about a week when I was approached by a recruiter.

Somehow, recruiters all have the same strategy. They all stress that their account is such a large company. They all want your CV and your contact details so that they can simply pattern-match in their database.
This recruiter was no different.

So I explain that I work at a relatively small company, that I don't want to work for a large company, that I don't fancy travelling a lot, that I don't want jobs that are primarily programming. I gave a short description of my current work, what liked about that and what I didn't like so much.

Her answer? "Please call me about this job in Brussels!"

I don't know whose mails she has been reading, but surely not mine.
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