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Computer troubles averted

Yesterday evening, klik's computer just stopped working. It wasn't a 'normal' crash (though WinXP is so stable that any crash is abnormal) -- the screen went weird, and the system just stopped responding.
I gave it a hard reset, but it wouldn't even POST -- even though I could head the DVD-RW drive and the harddisk spinning up...
This had all the trappings of a critical hardware failure. And that would suck -- it's a based on a Socket A Sempron, which are nowhere to be found anymore. Sure, end-of-life equipment is pretty cheap when you buy it, but if you need spare parts, you're on your own!

So it was with a bit of apprehension that I opened up the case this morning. And it was OMG dusty! Sure, we do vaccuum once in a while, but we're don't obsessively go through every nook and cranny. (Truth be told, I am not obsessive -- I often do the vacuuming...) And the case has a large 12cm fan, the large CPU fan and it all is ducted so that there is an open connection to the outside air...

So we cleaned it up with the vacuum cleaner at a low power level. We even took a toothbrush to the CPU heatsink. Then we turned it on, and lo and behold: it all worked again! Quite a relief.
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