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Six facts about me

I got tagged to do this meme -- and who am I to pass up an opportunity like this to post some self-centered drivel in my blog? That's what blogs are for, right?

1. When I get stuck at a certain problem, it helps if I don't think about it too much. Later on, when I am half-asleep or cycling or doing something that doesn't require much sentient force, I suddenly come up with the solution.

2. I started programming BASIC on a P2000C. Later on I graduated to the MZ731.

3. Even though we have a bath in our bathroom, I only used it once this past year. klik makes up for my lack of usage, though.

4. I did my first paid programming job when I was 17. I made an administrative system in Prolog. When I confessed this the first evening of my university introductions weeks (for Computer Science), my fellow newbies didn't know what Prolog was, and my mentors howled with laughter.

5. I have supported myself since I was 19. Other than the mortgage, I don't have any debt.

6. I am lucky to have the right type of mind to acquire a skill that is in demand. It has made my life much more easy.

I know I'm supposed to tag other people to do this, but I won't. I'm a rebel that way.
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