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How to strike back at the BSA

Suppose you own a business. A rather succesful business -- the largest in its field, but not too large, large enough to keep about 70 people employed. You try to do everything by the book.

Then robber barons of the BSA send their thugs your way, and you have to cooperate, and they find that you don't have licenses for 8% of your software (because your IT guys don't always do a complete wipe of the harddisk, so that some software [that is not used by the current user of that particular desktop] still remains installed on that desktop). You are forced to pay tribute to the robber barons to the sum of USD 100.000.
But that is not all. They advertise the raid on your company in the evening news, to scare other business owners into paying up their tributes. The robber barons don't consult you in this -- your reputation as a honest business-man is down the drain.

So how can you get back at them? Simple: switch to 100% open source.

(OK, so it's an old article, but it's still interesting, if only to see the other side of how the BSA operates.)
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