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Finished series: Ragnarök the Animation

We've finished watching Ragnarök the Animation. It is an anime based on the MMORPG based on the manga.

Midgard, the world of Ragnarök, is a pretty standard fantasy world. In the manga, there are some definate Norse influences, but apparently those have all but dissapeared in the game. And the anime, which is based on the game and not on the manga, has no references to the Norse mythology whatsoever. It is, plain and simple, a standard fantasy world.
All the trappings of the game (which I have never played, I must admit) are in the anime: character classes, levels, the kefir service, etcetera. This might be fun if you recognise elements of the game, but it certainly gets in the way of watching the series for the story.

The story itself isn't anything special either. Yuufa, an acolyte and Roan, a swordsman, travel together in search of adventure. Somehow they find themselves involved in an escalating series of events that threaten the world! It also doesn't help that Yuufa's brother is in cahoots with the Dark Lord, and that she has an immense brother-complex.

The animation isn't too special either -- there's lots of stock footage of when certain characters execute a skill or spell. The character designs are uninspired, and the list goes on and on. It's just a very, very mediocre series -- towards the end we really had to force ourselves to keep watching.

Good points:
- If you enjoyed the game, you might enjoy the anime.
Bad points:
- The plot!
- The characters!
- Towards the low end of mediocre.

All in all, a 5. Or maybe even a 4.5.
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