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New programmer

I've finally gotten around to completing the Wisp628 programmer I bought some time ago. The ghetto-style programmer I use now can only deal with 16F628A's (and 16F84A, but who uses those anymore?), while the Wisp can handle much more PICs and can also serve as an in-circuit programmer.

Debugging your firmware is a long and tiring process: make a firmware, program, put the PIC into the circuit, run, observe, take the PIC out, rewrite firmware, program, put PIC back in, etc... With the Wisp, I can suffice with connecting 5 wires to my target circuit, and I can reprogram the PIC while it is sitting in the circuit. How cool is that?

Also, I bought some 12F675 PICs in a group buy a long time ago. These are 8-pin microcontrollers, with 6 I/O pins -- perfect if you want to drive a single RGB-LED! However, the ghetto programmer couldn't deal with those PICs.
Tonight, I succeeded in programming one of those little blighters. A giant leap forward, so to speak.
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