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Favourite anime

So, I have gotten to know a few fellow anime geeks last saturday. And strangely enough, the topic of conversation rarely turned to the subject of anime. Here's a question to all my anime-watching friends: what is your favourite anime, and why?
Feel free to comment on this post, or perhaps it's more fun to make a post on your Journal.

Why Kokoro Library is my favourite anime
Kokoro Library is an anime about three sisters who run a library on top of an unpopulated mountain. They don't get many visitors ('users'), because it's such a long way from the city to the library -- about one per week. The main focus of the series is Kokoro, the youngest of the sisters. In the first episode, she is inaugurated as a 'Special Case Librarian', and the series is about her growing up, leaving childhood behind.
It's a 13-episode series, and the episodes seem to be unconnected, giving it an episodic feel. However, the eleventh episode ties it all together in a masterful piece of scenario-writing. Also, don't expect any action in the plots. This series moves as slow as continental drift.

So, why do I like it so much? Because of the cuteness. I confess, I am a sucker for bishoujo series, and this series perfects the art-form. It is only about cute girls doing cute things, and only at the very end a sort of plot is revealed. Kokoro finds herself in situations where she must take responsibility, and I think all of us can recognize at least some of the circumstances from our own lives, when we ourselves were making the transition from childhood to adolescence.

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