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Interview the second

culculhen asked these:

1. where are the Netherlands in twenty years
Physically, in pretty much the same spot. ;)
Politically and culturally, a lot worse off. Using the threat of terrorism or child pornography or the Bad Thing Du Jour, business and politicians start to build a system to keep the population under surveillance and control. New laws restrict civilian rights further and further, because of the increasing insecurity. There will be a few small incidents that will serve to strengthen the arguments of the fearmongers, but there will be a large, catastrophic failure of security -- one that will show the population that all those restrictions didn't solve anything. That will be the turning point. I am guessing that this will be somewhere near the end of those twenty years.

2. where are you when you are eighty
Honestly, I have no idea. I intend to keep developing myself in new directions -- four years back, I didn't want to have anything to do with hardware, now I am setting up a webshop selling my own electronic designs. Perhaps I will study architecture, or learn how to make complex mechanical things.
I think that if I can manage to get to 80, medical science will have advanced enough for me to live (almost) forever.

3. Is it more important for humanity to colonize space, or to transform society on earth into a resource closed loop, sustainable, green Gaia like place?
Resource closed loops are almost impossible to create -- but it is possible. The cool thing is that we will need technology like that to colonise space. So I think the best thing for us is to aim at the stars, and once we have the technology, we can always decide to stay home.

4. Shaving: razor or philishave?
Razor, no contest. At first, I used an old philishave of my dad -- he uses a razor. Then one time, my dad asked me to smell his razor, and to compare that to the smell of my philishave. Since then, I have used a razor.
I don't shave regularly, though. It is not uncommon to find me walking around with a week worth of stubble.

5. what is the purpose of life?
There is no purpose to life. Life is a chemical reaction, and like every chemical reaction, it has no purpose -- it just is.
That is not to say that you should just sit around doing nothing, because what is the use of it all anyway? Instead, you have to find your own purpose, turn yourself into an internally motivated person. Instead of spending your evenings in front of the television in a vegetative state, you need to find things that motivate you, that mean something to you, and make the best of it. Make conscious choices about your goals, and it'll work out.
Penn Jillette has his own take on the question, and I find myself agreeing with him.
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