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Today I wanted to etch the board I had designed -- a test-run, so to speak. Unfortunately, the photoresist-boards I had in stock (which the previous owner of the etching tank still had in his possession) were too old -- the photoresist layer had degraded too far to be of any use.

After cleaning up again, I took a nap. I have been really slow and tired this weekend -- could be all the parties we went to, but it could also be the hayfever medicine I'm taking. When I lie in bed, I don't really sleep and I don't feel really rested after half an hour of such a 'nap'. It's not that I can hardly function, but I'm a bit less high strung than usual. ;)

This afternoon, we went to the city centre to watch the band of a friend of ours perform. They played a really tight set of an hour long, all their own compositions. I really liked their music, but it was too bad the Drunken Polish Showdancers were present and had selected their best George W. Bush look-alike to distract everyone. klik's regular guitar player had shown up as well, and afterwards we retired to a recently opened sushi restaurant.

We ordered miso and a sushi set and a serving of yakitori, and a good meal was had by all. It was fun in a very relaxed way. We overheard the people of the restaurant talking amongst themselves, and came to the conclusion that these were not Japanese people, but Vietnamese -- even though the restaurant was called 'Fujisan'... The sushi was excellent, though, so that shouldn't stop anyone from going there!

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