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Scrolling LEDs for the win!

Most character-based LCD screens and LED displays use a 5x7 font to display letters. One would think that a font such as that would be readily available if you'd Google for it. It turned out to be quite a challenge to find a font -- luckily some Norse guys did my work for me.

I modified the program to read in these font definitions, instead of hardcoding them into the controller program. My ex-colleague who wants a scrolling LED display to show the names and titles of various tango musical numbers will need accented characters, and this way he can knock himself out with the font and characters without my intervention. :)
I added a text box for the text that has to be displayed, and coded a routine that scrolls the characters over the grid in the controller program. I already wrote the software to display a grid on the LED display, so it was a simple matter of a delay loop to get the scrolling and repeatedly calling the 'Send Frame' function.

I've made a movie of a text scrolling across the LED matrix. The framerate of the camera shows some artifacting that's impossible to discern with the naked eye -- virtually every multiplexed display shows artifacting when seen through a camera.

It's here (0:32min, 9MB, AVI, XVid).
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