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Finished series: Ichigo Mashimaro

We've finished watching Ichigo Mashimaro. My first episode review is here.

Ichigo Mashimaro follows a group of four elementary school girls and the elder sister of one of them. The four girls are all pretty different: there's the quiet and panicky Matsuri, Ana, an English girl who has gone completely native, the loud-mouthed Miu. Chika is the only 'normal' one, who acts as 'straight man' for many of the jokes.
Their adventures aren't really earth-shattering -- most of their time is spent sitting around in Chika's room, being a nuisance (especially Miu!) while Chika is trying to do her homework. The most exciting thing that's happening in all of the series is that they visit a park to eat some cake that's in limited supply.
That doesn't mean that the series is boring. The characterisation is very good, and the mix of characters provides some very good comedy. Just when you start to wonder why everybody puts up with the bratty Miu, she shows her vulnerable side, which makes it all good again.

It's fluff, to be sure (the title means 'strawberry marshmellow', which is somehow a pretty good description of the series), but it's funny and cute fluff. Nothing wrong with that!

Good points:
- Funny;
- Cute!
Bad points:
- Not very exciting;
- Music is un-inspiring.

All in all, a 7.
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