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Ars Magica

Yesterday, we have another session of the Ars Magica game. We had a very good time -- it was fun to solve the mystery of the dissapearing sheep, even though we felt (a bit) sad for the poor deluded giant...

I had taken meticulous notes of the first session as well as of the second session - I had planned to write a campaign log from my characters' perspective, but that takes time. I don't have much time -- or rather, I have more things I want to do than I have time available to do them.
I did write extensive logs of several RPG campaigns, but I never read those back. Most of that stuff is fun to read back within a few weeks' time for all who were involved, but it's not like an outsider would appreciate the fun we had while playing it (one of those 'you had to be there' things, I guess). As such, writing campaign logs is an activity with surprising little return on investment.

I have decided to keep taking notes but to not write the log.
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