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Kits and parts

As I wrote in a post in the buildyourwings community, I am wondering what to do with the parts that I will need for my electronics kits when I start selling them. If I want to get the parts cheap, I would need to buy in bulk, which would mean that I have quite some capital tied up in stocks of parts that may or may not sell.
On the other hand, if I buy the parts as I need them, I am looking at an increased lead time and increased cost of parts -- basically, I wouldn't be able to provide the parts any cheaper than my customers could get it themselves.

There are multiple ways to deal with this, but I decided to toss this question to Lady Ada, who sells her kits (such as the SpokePOV) via the Adafruits webshop. She pretty much has the same problem I do, right?

She wrote back almost immediately (how cool is that?) and she gave me two valuable insights:
- Homemade PCBs don't look professional. If you want to do this professional, get your PCBs manufactured.
- Do not try to make your kits as cheap as you can. People have to want to buy your kits because of the unique or useful designs, not because they are cheap.

That's some pretty solid advice. Like any good advice, it makes you realise that you should have thought of that yourself.

I need to rethink my strategy on the kits and perhaps to re-adjust my goals.
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