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The delayed vacation means that we have a weekend devoid of any sort of planned activities. Which is kind of cool, really.

klik has been soldering the nixie PSU kit that I had bought. There was something wrong with the parts though: one resistor didn't seem of the correct type... I mailed the owner of the webshop (he has been really helpful with this and a few other things), and it turned out that my initial suspicion was correct: one resistors had been replaced by an incorrect type when packing the kit. Luckily, I had a few of the correct type lying around, so we were able to complete the kit without having to leave the house. :)

After that, we made a small test pring to test the PSU. With the pot on the PSU, we set the voltage to 170 and hooked up a nixie.

It's a 2! In the background, you can see the nixie PSU kit. Quite a neat kit, but there are circuits circulating for nixie PSU's, and it might be cheaper to use one of those.

Yesterday, we collected a package with parts for the nixie clock from the post office. It turned out that the 1W resistors I ordered were a lot larger than the 1/4W resistors I usually use -- beding the legs a bit made them fit in the PCB. While I was populating the PCBs with parts, klik soldered them -- now my fingers hurt from pushing the legs of 60 transistors through the tiny holes in the epoxy...
Tomorrow we'll be etching version 1.01 of the driver circuit -- turns out that I forgot a few traces... Oh well.

This evening, we experimented with using a heat-gun to bend lexan. Next time, we should take better measurements so that the thing doesn't turn out as crooked as the first try...

I'm not sure we can finish the thing before we set off for France, but it won't be long now.
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