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The week in review

We've had a busy week. A really busy week.
Tuesday, we had planned to watch Hellsing at Filmhuis Arnhem, but I was already tired when we left for Arnhem. We met jangerben at the trainstation and had dinner at Spice, a restaurant that blends eastern influence with fine western cuisine. Good eats were had by all, but we didn't want to through with the original anime-plan because it would get too late. Instead, we went home and watched the DVD of Hoshi no Koe that had arrived that day.

Wednesday, we had the next session of MagicCaptors. Things didn't go as smoothly as I would have wanted: next time, I need to take the pacing more into account.

Thursday, it was the writing course again.

Tonight, I have some time to catch my breath, because...

Tomorrow is Geekfest'03! I look forward to it, but we have to leave rather early (well, early for a saturday).

And Sunday is Astrid's Amber campaign, so I won't be able to sleep in then either...

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