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Second etching session

We've had our second etching session today -- after we found out yesterday that we had the layout mirrored...

I adapted the layout to have bigger pads for the vias. Through some image manipulation in Photoshop I added our 'logo' to the layout of the top PCB -- I need to remember that trick, since the lite-version of Eagle only allows layouts of 8 x 10 cm, which is only half a 'standard' eurocard sized PCB. With the Photoshop trick, I might be able to merge two layouts into a single bigger one...
Of course, the first time around I had the text the wrong way around -- a quick flip and a 'paste into' later, we had our new layout.

When we opened up the casing of the etching tank, we found out that it leaks. Not much, but enough to leak quite a bit of fluid in the course of a day. A bit of a bummer, this means that we have to take out the etchant after every use... Maybe we can have it fixed up with silicon kit -- there is a store that specialises in fish and fishtanks in Nijmegen...

klik fired up the air pump and the heating elements of the tank (adding one extra to quickly warm the fluid), while I cut a eurocard PCB in two and put that in the exposure unit. In those four minutes, I cut the second in half and prepared the development tray -- we're starting to develop a routine, which is pretty cool for only the second time.

The rest of the procedure went uneventful, just like yesterday. And I quite like how the logo has come out. Keep in mind that it is only 15mm wide -- I'm pretty impressed with how the detail has been preserved. It's just like the stamp we had made!

Super-deformed electronics!

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