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My bicycle has a flat tire and I'm too lazy to fix it. So the last two weeks, I've been taking the car to work. And klik is too lazy to go by bike to her work, so I've been dropping her off (though I have to leave half an hour early to do so, it also means that I can leave relatively early at my work, which is good since all of our evenings have been busy this week).
Yesterday morning, we had a CD with random anime music in the stereo. We were close to her office when the last track came up. It was the opening theme of Read or Die. It's a really catchy tune, with undertones of James Bond film-music: a fast, groovy bassline, drums that go crazy and lots of trumpets doing their thing. I turned up the volume and imagined myself to be a top secret agent, driving along the rocky coast of southern Italy, in a dark-blue BMW convertible. I had a beautiful woman next to me, and we were going somewhere to do something dangerous!

I drove too fast, and had to brake sharply to avoid a collision with a car coming from the right-hand street. Ingeborg smirked at me, got out of the car and told me to turn down the volume. Bummer: I'm not James Bond, I'm a geeky nerd in an old Mazda who needs to watch where he is going.

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