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A token of my appreciation

Postal workers from Baskingridge, NJ all the way to Nijmegen will curse the day the US Postal Service got the unholy idea of the flat rate envelope. It's an envelope you buy, and whatever you can fit in there, they'll send it around the world for a measly USD 5.25. It's not a very large envelope -- so how bad can it get? They even printed a cheerful text on the envelope stating that there is no need to weigh it!

The good folks from ArcadeTokens.com did not need any encouragement: they stuffed 200 of their brass BYOAC 2005 tokens in the envelope. I don't know whether they weighed them for a laugh, but I'm pretty sure postal workers were less than thrilled when they got this small enveloped stuffed to the gills with brass which they had to treat like a normal 'petit paquet'.

I would be sympathetic to their cause, were I not so excited to have these tokens at home. All I need now is an arcade cabinet to deposit them in!
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