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Finished series: Rozen Maiden Traumend

We've finished watching Rozen Maiden Traumend. No first episode review of this.

Rozen Maiden Traumend picks up where Rozen Maiden left off: the dolls are still living with Jun and giving him lots of trouble -- but Jun has come out of hiding and has started studying to catch up with the rest of his class.
However, things will stop being so peaceful: Bara-suisho (just where does Rozen get those names!?) has turned up: she is the seventh sister, and thus the time has come to start the Alice Game in earnest! Shinku, who is still haunted by visions from when she defeated Sugintou, refuses to fight -- and most of the dolls side with her.
But Bara-suisho and the reincarnated Sugintou are determined to see things through untill the end -- and a new doll shop and a white rabbit appear to stir things up...

This series is a lot 'darker' than the original Rozen Maiden series. There is less comedy, and the fights are more desperate. Instead of the odd mix of comedy and serious themes, the series is much more 'focussed': even the comedy is a lead-in to one fight or another. When Sousei-seki breaks ranks and decides to fight Bara-suishou and Sugintou in order to attain the perfection of Alice, all hell breaks loose. Edged on by the white rabbit and the mysterious doll maker, Jun can do nothing but look on powerlessly as the dolls fight amongst themselves.

Good points:
- A lot more narrative thrust than the first one;
- We get to see the Alice Game in action;
- Animation seems a lot smoother.
Bad points:
- Some of the new characters are really irritating.

An 8.
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