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OK, so now my weekend starts. It's been a stressful week: we had lots of stuff to arrange, but we've managed somehow.
Tomorrow Ingeborg will have to work during the morning, perhaps I can use that time to fiddle around with various projects.

I have discovered that the CDR's that I got from the HEMA are of questionable quality: it has happened twice now that a CDR turned out to be empty, instead of holding the digital fansub goodness it was supposed to contain. I will have to check each and every CDR to see if it still works. It might be hard to find those old episodes that I lost, but fortunately there are some people that still owe me some of their bandwidth...

I finished reading Rune, but the whole encounter mechanism gives me troubles. I think I'll ask the mailing-list for advice. Basically, I want an encounter that provides a hook for the players to get into the Underground -- via Elf territory.
I'm wondering whether Rune gets run in the way it was intended (with everybody running some encounters) -- I suspect that in my would-be group, the burden of running will be put on me.
Another thought is to use the Rune mechanics in a different world, like, for instance, the world of Ragnarok (of the manga), or Middle-Earth.

Right now, we're playing a high-speed game of Cartagena Online with Babske, along with chatting via MSN. Good fun. 8)

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